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This year’s Peacemakers Quilt Show will be on August 5 in the sanctuary of Linn Memorial United Methodist Church on the campus of Central Methodist University from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Our theme for this year is “The Past Revisited.”  We hope to showcase older quilts as well as quilts made from some of the reproduction fabrics and quilts which put a modern spin on the older patterns through the use of color and/or fabrics on the stage in the front of the sanctuary.   Of course, quilts do not need to fit the theme in order to be a part of the show as the sanctuary will once again be filled with quilts of all sizes, colors and designs. Quilts of Valor will once again be displayed in the back of the church.

There is no limit to the number of quilts/wall hangings a person may show. Quilts may have been displayed in previous Peacemaker Quilt Shows and/or other shows.  There is no entry fee but there is a $5 charge to attend the show.  Proceeds go to the Fayette Ministerial Alliance Food Pantry and to help with our Quilts of Valor project.

People interested in showing quilts in the show have two options.

Entries forms/emails are due no later than Monday, July 17, 2017!

Review of 2016 Peacemakers Quilt Show

banner for quilt showVisitors to the Peacemakers Quilt Show “In the Garden” were delighted by a wonderful display of almost 200 quilts and wall-hangings which made the sanctuary of Linn Memorial United Methodist Church bloom with color.  One of the Peacemakers’ goals for the show is to raise money for the Fayette Ministerial Alliance Food Pantry. Thanks to the wonderful support for the show they will be able to present a sizable check to the Food Pantry in the next few weeks.

206 Quilt ShowAnother goal is to share the beauty of quilting with the community and to provide quilters with a beautiful venue in which to show their work to others.  Many people commented on the love and hard work that had gone into each of the quilts on display in the show.  A number asked questions about how they could begin quilting or expressed an interest in retrieving some of their UFOs – unfinished objects in quilt lingo.

Quilt of Valor DisplayIn addition to organizing the annual quilt show the Peacemakers also make quilts for the national Quilt of Valor program.  They were able to display many of the 36 Quilts of Valor which they have presented in a special Quilts of Valor display in the back of church. 

The stage area at the front of the church provided a perfect venue to display some of the many quilts which embodied the show’s theme of “In the Garden.”  A slide show featuring flowers ran continuously providing a backdrop of color for the flower garden quilts.  Other special exhibits included a display of quilts and quilt tops made at the Peacemaker’s Quilt Camps and a display of African American quilts by Vidella Chapman.

The Market Place, which featured pincushions, placemats and other quilted items, Christmas ornaments, purses and quilt magazines, did a lively business throughout the show.  The winning ticket for the Peacemakers opportunity quilt belonged to Debbie Forderhase.

This is the nineth show sponsored by the Peacemakers Quilting Group.  Included in the group are Dorothy Jean Ayres, Linda Lembke, Julie Menees, Jo Rohr and Connie Shay.

The Peacemakers would like to thank everyone who helped to make the Peacemakers Quilt Show a success including those who exhibited quilts and those who attended, Commercial Trust for donating funds for the booklet, Paisley Boutique for the lovely bouquet for the silent auction, Appletree Quilting and Satin Stitches of Columbia and Missouri Country Quilters of Boonville for providing attendance prizes, the congregation of Linn Memorial and CMU for the use of the sanctuary and the Fayette newspapers for providing excellent coverage of all of  the Peacemaker’s events.